Dress Up Games Online and Off

Love to play games online? If you, in the same way as other girls, love playing dress up games online, you might be missing out on another enormous angle of the game. Sure you know how to snap and drag clothing over for your doll base to wear on the computer screen, but have you ever considered playing dress up games with your friends at your house or at the mall?

Dress Up Games at Home

If you’ve ever gone through your closet to see what still fits and what looks good together, you’ve played a version of this dress up game. The following time you have an itch for fashion, head to your closet instead of your computer. Pull out everything you own and put it on the bed or floor. Then start trying things on.

Your first goal is to find anything that doesn’t fit anymore or that is totally unflattering. Toss those in a heap to give away or modify. You might be able to remove pants that are too short and make capris or shorts instead, for example. Your next แทงบอล UFABET goal is to break up your current favorite outfits and see how many new ones you can create. If you need to, start with jeans and try on all your tops. Then leave on a particularly astounding top and see how it matches up with various skirts, shorts and pants.

Keep playing until you’ve paired up all kinds of things, possibly even everything you own to find the most fabulous and unusual outfits. Make a note of the new pairings in your mind so that you can use them when you go back to school, and also make a note of things you might be missing. This means look for items that would really make an outfit pop that you don’t already have.

You might pull on your jeans and a shirt and think, “Man! I wish I had some great red boots for this.” Then you know what to look for the following time you go shopping. And speaking of shopping, it’s time to find dress up games to play at the mall.

Dress Up Games at the Mall

When you’re shopping, you’re playing a dress up game already. The best thing to do, however, is to give that game more structure and share it with friends. Here’s one idea of a dress up game you can try.

Instruct everyone to bring $20 to the mall. Obviously this isn’t sufficient to buy even a shirt, but that’s what makes the game so much fun. Tell your friends they have three hours to spend their $20 to make a complete outfit. They shouldn’t use anything they are wearing now with the exception of shoes and underwear, but they might be able to get new shoes, too – if they really know what they’re doing.

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