Cephalonia and Ithaca - maps and location

Cephalonia is virtually a living history of the western world. It seems to have been occupied by every empire builder imaginable. Some friendly, some less so. Romans, Venetians, French, Russians, Turks and the British have all left their mark. Their legacy can be seen in fortresses, ruins, churches and architecture; whilst the Castle of Saint George rewards the drive up to its precipitous position with a glimpse of both a bygone age and faraway islands.

Steeped even deeper in time is Ithaca, birthplace of Odysseus. It is a vision of mythology sitting just a few miles and a short boat trip off the North East coast.

For walking or driving in the country, Cephalonia and Ithaca are, quite simply, a dream. Breathtaking views wait around every corner. The scenery is stunning. Mountain tracks through beautiful pine forests take you to summits where the incredibly clear air offers a light and spectrum beyond experience.

There are small, tranquil villages where the taverna is as much for meeting as eating. Churches and Monasteries perch on cliffs in the most unlikely of settings.

Cephalonia and Ithaca are blessed with a number of picturesque harbours that are a stroller's delight. Fiskardo and Kioni with their flotilla of yachts and fishing boats are always fascinating and also offer a wide range of tiny shops offering arts, crafts and gifts from all over Greece.

Cephalonia and Ithaca are civilized escapism with an innocent charm and immense character. They offer the traveller first hand experience of the real Greece.

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